Managed Services

A managed services model is a distinct kind of outsourcing that covers all IT functions.  This is also known as the fully outsourced model. In a managed services model, the provider takes over all the technology decisions. However, these decision must be within the parameters that the business has set. The only significant role the business has in the managed services model is to review the processes.


There are numerous benefits of a managed services model, including the following four below:

  • Risk Reduction  In a managed services model, the managed IT service provider takes all the risks.  If something damages the technology in any way, the provider is the one that’s responsible to repair it.
  • Fixed Cost  This refers to a month-to-month payments that will never fluctuate. This way your company will know precisely how much it will need to budget for its IT.
  • Knowledge Retention – Since an outsourced vendor runs the company’s IT department, there is no employee turnover. The managed IT services provider will keep the information about your company on file. They will also bring expertise from previous clients to your company.
  • Focus on Core Business – The managed services model will free up the rest of your employees from any IT concerns. It will also scale out any processes that are not helping the company reach its goals.